Mental health funds for kids’ cut by £50m

The Government has “broken its promise” to prioritise children’s mental health by slashing funding by £50million a year.

NHS England revealed in a parliamentary answer yesterday that spending on services has dropped by more than 6% in real terms since 2010 to £717million.

mental healthSarah Brennan, of charity YoungMinds, said: “Services have been chronically underfunded for decades. These are deeply worrying figures.”

Luciana Berger, Shadow Public Health Minister, said: “They prove the Government has broken its promise.”

Ministers said overall NHS spending had been protected but refused to deny funding for children had been dropped.

Mental Health Minister Norman Lamb said he wanted to “give children the best possible health care”.

“Our NHS is so precious, it’s heartbreaking to see its ethos being steadily destroyed”

The BBC expands on this issue on its website at:

Cancer Con Mum is Freed – Victims’ Fury

Louie Smith of the Daily Mirror reports that the cold-hearted women who conned people out of thousands of pounds by claiming she had cancer was spared jail yesterday.

Danielle Watson, 24, likened herself to Jane Goody – who died from cervical cancer in 2009 – as she persuaded kind-hearted strangers to hand more than £6,000 for her “treatment”. The callous mum-of-two said she had just a 15% chance of survival and convinced her fiance and family she was dying.

Jane GoodyWhen local businesses heard of her “illness” they offered to help with her wedding for a fraction of the cost. In total, she pocketed £10,000 worth of donations and freebies. Despite this, Watson – whose husband Chris, 30, is standing by her – walked free from Basildon crown court with a suspended 12 month jail sentence after admitting six counts of fraud.

Victim Victoria Oliver, who raised about £2,000, said: “It’s an absolute travesty she hasn’t been made an example of. It is disgusting she is walking away scot-free.” Paul Hatton, 43, manager at Watson’s wedding venue, said: “She claimed she had the same disease as Jane Goody and cried – it really pulled at my heart strings.

In 2012, Watson, of Rowhedge, Essex, had surgery for polycystic ovaries but told people doctors carried out a biopsy. The con was exposed when she announced she was pregnant last year.

“Unbelievable at times the “face” some people have got – even tricking her own family – and what a slur on the people who do have the disease”