111 Helpline – Reason for Crisis at A&E

So now we know – it’s the NHS 111 service that’s caused 95 per cent of the rise in patients attending A&E.

Of the 450,000 extra people who went to A&E last year, 220,000 were told to go there by NHS 111 call handlers and another 220,000 went there in an ambulance sent to them by the 111 service.

So this A&E crisis was never about people panicking and rushing there for no good reason, it was down to a bunch of non-medics who’d had just six weeks training to make life or death decisions.
Call CentreAnd the reason they send so many people to A&E is to cover their own backsides if someone dies.

But the real culprit here is whoever sanctioned this daft service in the first place.

How could it ever have worked when ill-informed laymen are being asked to decide in a matter of minutes what doctors spend seven years learning and the rest of their lives perfecting?

“The Cancer Drugs Fund use the term ‘‘insufficient value for money’  – would this appropriately describe the flagship NHS 111 service?”

Credits – Malone, C. Column. Sunday Mirror 18 January 2015. p. 25

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