Europe – £25.7billion Human Rights Bill Since 1998 – Must We be Part of this Farce?

Last year 99 per cent of almost 2,000 cases brought against the British government at the European Court of Human Rights were thrown out.

It is outrageous that the Government had to defend itself against so many completely spurious claims. What is more many of the claimants will have had their costs covered by legal aid meaning that taxpayers not only fund the Government’s legal fees but the claimant’s as well. As a result it has been estimated that the court has cost us £25.7billion since 1998.

European Court of Human RightsTime and again the ECHR has proved itself to be a boon for criminals. These include people who have complained that their prison is not close enough to their family or that they have not been given access to education while behind bars. People trying to avoid deportation are particularly adept at exploiting it. Even those who should promptly be removed from the country are able to use lengthy and complex machinations of the court to stay in Britain for as long as possible.

The ECHR’s supporters say that it stands up for fundamental human rights but that is simply not the case. It is a vehicle for criminals to frustrate the British judicial system. It is high time the Government removed us from the jurisdiction of this farcical institution.

“If we don’t know the true cost of our commitment to the EU how the hell can we make an informed decision, when we vote, if and when a referendum is held. The British public needs transparency over EU costs and if they aren’t available, they should be.

The issue above is just one of many where we are trapped by legislation scribbled out by a ” boy’s club” in Brussels who don’t live in the real world. An even sadder notion is that to get out of the EU may be so cost prohibitive it wouldn’t be worth it. The EU, while improving the lot of poorer member states, will continue to “bleed us dry”. It beggars belief. “