Paramedic gets struck off for shopping in M&S on 999 call

A PARAMEDIC who made seriously ill patients wait in an ambulance while he went shopping and had a haircut has been struck off.

Dominic Colella left an 85-year-old with severe blood poisonong for 20 minutes before taking him to hospital – so he could stroll around M&S.

ParamedicWeeks later, he dumped a patient with a head injury on a junior colleage while he went to get his hair cut.

Colella, a 15-year London Ambulance Service veteran, was found guilty of two counts of misconduct while on 999 calls at a Health and Care Professional Council tribunal this week.

He admitted abandonong his colleague and patients to the council’s legal team, but failed to turn up to the hearing.

Chairwomen Gillian Fleming said the public would be “outraged” by his behaviour. She added: “He has shown little in the way of remorse.”

Endley. B 2015 The Sun 26th March 2015 P. 33

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“It’s sad because the vast majority of patients are treated in a warmer fashion by paramedics than the colder A&E they’re taking them to!!”

Paramedic Shops in M&S while Collapsed Man Waits!!

An Elderly man who had collapsed had to wait for 20 minutes in an ambulance while a paramedic went shopping in Marks and Spencer, a care standards tribunal heard.

Dominic Colella is also said to have delayed a patient with a head injury from being taken to hospital by between five and ten minutes so he could have his hair cut.

Colella who has resigned from the London Ambulance Service, faces two counts of misconduct with the Health and Care Professional Council.

ParamedicA panel heard how in March 2013 Colella was responding to a 999 call after an 85-year-old man collapsed. Paramedic Yvonne Purves said Colella disappeared, leaving her with the patient, then returned with two bags of shopping and said: “Do you want to go to hospital then?”.

In the second incident, Colella is said to have left a less-qualified colleague to treat a patient for a head injury outside a hairdressers.

Paramedic Donna Blair, who was first on the scene, was handing the patient over to the colleague when she “looked to my left and saw Dominic in the hairdresser’s chair with a lady putting a cape around his neck”.

The Hearing Continues.

Daily Mail Reporter 2015. Daily Mail 24th March 2015 P. 9

“Looks like this guy hasn’t a ‘leg to stand on’.”

Mother Found Dead After Ambulance Turns Back – Help Arrives 10 Hours Late

Tragic story by John Chapman in the Daily Express of how a distraught son has told  how he found his mother dead on her living room floor nearly 10 hours after an ambulance was sent to her home.

Ann Walters, who had a hole in her heart, dialled  the NHS 111 line seeking medical help and her case was categorised as an emergency and passed on to the 999 service.

An ambulance was sent to her home but was turned back when it was just four minutes away.Ambulance ImageHer son Lawrence, 24, found Ann, 61, dead from cardiac failure at her home in Portsmouth, Hants, almost 10 hours later.

He checked his mother’s phone log and discovered she had called the NHS 111 line at 8.25am.

A GP turned up at 8.30pm, more than 12 hours after her call.

South Central Ambulance Service said it had launched two investigations into the tragedy on December 28 last year.

One will focus on why the ambulance was called back and the other on why it took so long for an out-of-hour GP to attend.

Lawrence, a teacher said: “Knowing there was an ambulance minutes away from reaching my mum, I believe it could have saved her life. I’m infuriated that she called for help and no help came.

“Instead I was left to find my mother dead and my sister Felicity was robbed of her chance to say goodbye.”

An ambulance spokesman apologised to Ann’s family and said “all aspects” of the response to her 999 call would be examined.

He added: “As the investigation is still ongoing we are unable to comment further.”

“How on earth was no “Red Flag” system in place to at least keep the situation active. It beggars belief she was left to die alone. Her children will feel robbed of the chance, perhaps, to be with her at the end – and that’s precious.”

2HR Ambulance Delay – Police Call Lifeboat!

An Exclusive in The Sun relates how a cop lay injured for two hours waiting for an ambulance in London – so colleagues called a LIFEBOAT.

LifeboatsThe officer was in agony from a squashed ankle after tackling a drunk.

Fellow policemen tending to him at  landlocked King’s Cross station got so fed up waiting for paramedics they frantically got in touch with the coastguard, who alerted the Thames lifeboat station at Tower Bridge.

The RNLI last night confirmed the “unusual request” – and revealed it sent a medic.

A spokesman said: “Tower lifeboat station received a request from HM Coastguard.

“They had been contacted by British Transport Police, asking for help. We had an extra person in doing training there.  It didn’t have any impact on our service and he was taken to the scene by police. There was no boat involved.”

The astonishing SOS came after police were called at 8.18pm to arrest a violent drunk.

The RNLI medic is believed to have reached the injured cop some time after 9.30pm. An NHS motorcycle paramedic turned up at 9.58pm. But it was not until 10.32pm that an ambulance finally arrived to take the officer to hospital.

London Ambulance Service said: “The officer is still in hospital. Colleagues on the ground were concerned and as a result they called the RNLI who they knew could help with medical assistance.

Sales. D 2016  The Sun 16.02.2016 P. 12

“A quirky story with serious undertones!”

£84-an-hour Paramedics – Another Shocking Waste By NHS

Private paramedics are being hired at a cost of up to £84 an hour to take the strain off under-resourced NHS ambulance services.

Unions say the crew get up to seven times more than health service workers.

East Midlands Ambulance Service spent £4.2million on private crews in 2013-14 .

Ambulance ImageDia Chakavarty of the Taxpayers’ Alliance said: “We simply cannot afford this sort of waste in the NHS.”

Planned strikes by Unison, the GMB and Unite over pay have been suspended after a breakthrough in talks.

As ever, money given to the NHS is wasted, because its infrastructure is and has been appallingly mismanaged and neglected”

Private NHS Ambulance Bills Double

An article in the Daily Mirror by Jack Blanchard reports that NHS spending on ambulances has leapt 82% in two years.

And Labour said a tenfold increase in London since 2011 was evidence of the sell-off of the health service under coalition reforms.

Emergency ambulances  run by private firms  cost the NHS £67.5mllion last year, up from £37million two years before.

Figures also show longer response times – with some of the biggest delays in areas spending the most on private ambulances.

Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham said: “No part of the NHS is now immune to privatisation.”

The Department of Health said: “Use of the private sector in the NHS represents only 6% of the total budget – an increase of just 1% since May 2010.”

Doubling the amount of public money spent on private-sector ambulances in two years is a waste of precious resources and tells a more disturbing story about the damage being done to our NHS.

The ConDem Government has put the NHS up for auction and patients and taxpayers are not receiving good value.

Profit-making companies rake off cash that should go into treatment, the services are too often second class and politicians and public managers lose control.

Our NHS should not be for sale, but is increasingly more so, shame!.