Plight of the Lonely Disabled – Care Cuts

Nearly a quarter of Britain’s disabled people suffer loneliness through government social care cuts and benefits changes, a charity’s research reveals.

Worst affected are those aged 18 to 34. Over a third of them feel lonely and more than three quarters say they face greater barriers than non-disabled people in making and sustaining friendships.

Overall, six per cent told charity Sense they have no friends at all.

lonelinessNow Sense is urging councils to set up schemes to make socialising easier for people like wheelchair-bound Hayley Reed who lost her sight 12 years ago and has hearing problems. Hayley, of Rossendale, Lancs, said: “It’s awfully hard to make friends. When you’ve got a disability, it’s not easy.”

Mudie. K 2015  Sunday Mirror 08/03/2015 P. 11

“Many disabled people relied on their outreach workers as visitors and friends. They also relied on them for transport and an introduction into local groups and day care facilities. The funding for outreach workers and care services in the community has been slashed due to the cuts in county council funding. It’s appalling that people are ostracized this way in 2015.”

Dog Pushes Wheelchair for Disabled Owner Every Day – Heartwarming

Watch the heartwarming video of the loyal dog and his master

In Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, a disabled old man, aged 86, is helped by his loyal dog every single day. Fu has no legs and relies only on a wheelchair for moving around.

His trusty old dog actually pushes him around the town, acting as his ‘carer’ because there was no one there for him – and it would be weird to always ask strangers to push him from one point to another.

dog pushing disabled man in wheelchairAccording to the video description, Fu has been begging in Wenzhou for over 6 years already. It is possible that the dog has started out helping him some 6 years ago, too.
Considering that dogs have a lower life span than humans and this particular dog has been with Fu for a long time, a day may soon come when his furry friend won’t be there to help push him along. Who would push Fu, then? This is a sad reality because the old man appears to be living alone with his dog.

Some of the video commenters believe the government should do something to help disabled people like Fu get off the streets and live an easier, more decent life rather than depend on his dog to push him around and on the people for dole outs.

Watch here


Family Raise £38k After Runner Mum Loses Legs To Illness

A MOTHER who was training for a half marathon now faces a lifetime of disability after falling so ill on Christmas Eve surgeons had to amputate her legs and fingers.

Tracy Ralph, 34, was taken to hospital after feeling short of breath. But as her condition worsened she was placed in an induced coma and diagnosed with pneumonia.

She was transferred from Southend Hospital in Essex to St Thomas’ Hospital in London but then suffered complete organ failure, meningitis, septicaemia, blood clots  and bleeding on the brain.

To save her life, both her legs were amputated  below the knee and her fingers were also removed.

She came out of her coma on New Year’s Eve and doctors hope to transfer her back to Southend next week. But she is still at risk from fatal blood clots.

Tracy’s husband Brad, 37, has been at her side throughout the ordeal but kept their children Miller, four, and 19-month-old Hudson away.

When she can at last return to her home in Hawkwell , Essex, she will need expensive  rehabilitation. Her family this week launched an appeal for help that has already raised more than £38,000. Tracy’s sister-in-law Amanda Ralph said: “It’s really humbling, we were up to nearly £18,000 in less than 24 hours.

“We have had people who didn’t even know Tracy contributing and those saying they can’t afford much but giving what they can.

“Every penny will help Tracy and we are so grateful to everyone who has donated. We are raising the money both for her rehab and ultimately for the best prosthetic feet we can buy.”

People in the communityTracy who works for Clarins at Debenhams in Southend, had been training to run the Southend Half Marathon in June with the Essex Ladies Running Club.

A fellow member has now taken her spot and will donate everything she raises to Tracy’s cause.

“Applause for the health service who have fought to save her life and her family and community for showing how much they care. Focus on Disability wishes her well.”

Nations £47billion Obesity Bill

Obesity is costing £47billion a year – more than war and terrorism.

Only smoking costs the UK more, a shocking report by consultants McKinsey warned last Friday.

Two in three adults in the UK are overweight or obese, more than twice the rate of the world population.

The cost of obesity in lost workdays, output and healthcare is rising fast. The report warned: “Obesity is a major economic problem caused by a multitude of factors.

Today obesity is jostling with armed conflict and smoking in having the greatest human-generated global economic impact.”

It found smoking cost the UK £57billion in 2012, while war and terrorism cost £43billion. More than 2.1 billion people are overweight or obese, and half the world’s adult population, now 7.1 billion, will be by 2030, says the report.

It called for a “coordinated response” from governments, retailers, restaurants and food and drink firms.

The UK spends less than £638million a year on obesity prevention but spends about £6billion on medical costs linked to it and a further £10billion on diabetes.

Mobility Scooter Insurance – Should it Be Compulsory? Government Petition Launched

Mobility scooter insurance, although greatly recommended, is still an optional extra in the UK. As with many optional extras, many scooter users decide to forgo the expense of insurance, often to their detriment.

With stories of theft, vandalism and accidents involving mobility scooters an almost daily occurrence at the moment, online mobility equipment resource Help My Mobility decided to petition the government to make scooter insurance a legal requirement in Britain.

Help My Mobility’s director, Jason Tate, explains why;
“A mobility scooter accident or theft is always going to cause a great deal of anguish and misery, but that anguish and misery is increased when the party involved is uninsured,” he said.

“It’s not unheard of for people to lose their homes due to legal costs after a collision, and stories of people being left housebound after the theft or vandalism of their scooter are all too common in the UK. This is why we feel that compulsory mobility scooter cover is a must.”

The petition follows on from a poll, hosted on the Help My Mobility site, which gauged popular opinion of mobility scooter insurance. Of 231 people surveyed, 71% said that they were in favour of compulsory scooter insurance.

To view the petition and to lend your support by signing, visit

Your comments and thoughts on this issue would also be much appreciated.

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