You Can’t Kick Me Out – I’ve Got Piles – Foreign Crook

A foreign crook up for deportation is still here after claiming he could not leave due to piles.

Fraudster Jean Claude Happi Siewe was due to be kicked out last July but insisted he was unfit to fly.

The authorities even sent him for a medical inspection to try to prove he should leave.

A further attempt to deport him failed in September following a row over his nationality.

A source has claimed that while the Home Office say he is from Cameroon, Happi Siewe claims he is French.

He added: “The Cameroon government don’t want to know him.

Happi Siewe was convicted of false representation and possessing false identity documents and sentenced in January 2013.

He is in Nottingham Prison.

The Home Office, last Sunday, said haemorrhoids were not the reason the first attemt to get him out failed, but declined to explain what blocked the action.

A spokesman said: “We continue to pursue Jean Claude Happi Siewe’s deportation.”

Immigration Minister James Brokenshore cut the grounds for appeal against being thrown out from 17 to four last year.

Since then 300 foreigners have been sent home on a “deport first, appeal later” basis.

“If only the UK was ‘Happi Go Lucky'”

£100m Translation Bill – NHS Tops List

Taxpayers are forking out £100million a year on translation for immigrants, it was revealed last night.

Police, town halls, hospitals and courts have to pay for translating documents and hiring interpreters.

The biggest spender is the NHS, which is paying out at least £33million, while the Ministry of Justice spends almost 16million.

pound-signCommunities Secretary Eric Pickles said: “The guidance I’ve issued is crystal clear, Councils should stop wasting taxpayers’ money by translating into foreign languages.

“Translation holds people back from integrating into British society. If they can’t speak English, they’re not going to get on. Money saved can be used to protect front-line services.”

A freedom of information request revealed Polish was the top language translated.

But one council helped with 61 languages, including rarely used Fulani, Karen, Tagalog and Visayan.

A hospital in the north-east used interpreters 74 times a day.

Julia Manning, chief executive of the think-tank 2020Health, said: “It should be the responsibility of family and friends to assist with understanding.”

“We should tell the Eurocrats in Brussels to “go to hell” and start stopping their bankrupting immigration rules”

Building A House Abroad On UK Benefits

Several newspapers today are running the story of a Roma gypsy who is using £60,000 of British handouts to build a mansion in his own country.

Scrap metal dealer Ion Lazar plans to pay for the property with child benefit and tax credits.

Mr Lazar, 36, pays tradesman in cash to build the property for his wife and three children.

He is able to claim the money because he works part-time as a scrap metal collector in London.

His wage is so low he pays no tax but claims his children are a passport to £1,700 a month in welfare.

In a channel 5 documentary to be shown this week he says: “I am very happy because in England I make this money. What can you say, thank you England, she has helped me, I have everything now”

In Benefits Britain: Life On The Dole, he laughs and flicks bundles of cash withdrawn from a bank machine in Romania using an English bank card.

Ukip MEP Steven Woolfe said: ” This is further proof of the national scandal of abuse of our benefits system caused by our open-door migration policy with the EU.

One mother in the documentary has opened a restaurant in Warsaw with the £220 a month her husband sends home each month.

She says: “In my opinion it is absolutely normal to receive benefits from the UK.  No-one has come from the welfare system to check on us.”

The Department of Work and Pensions said it led the way to toughen up the rules on access to UK benefits.

EU Camp Plan Fury

Taxpayers will fork out for a French “holiday camp” for migrants desperate to get to the Uk.

The EU will pay the £3million after the French demanded a grant for the work.

It has sparked fury on both sides of the channel.

Home Affairs Committee chairman Keith Vaz said: “This will definitely attract more migrants to Calais.”

Britain Now Home To 4.9m Immigrants

Britain is now home to 4.9million migrants.  – that’s one in 12 of the population. They include 679,000 Poles, the same number who live in Poland’s second biggest city Krakow.

About 1.2million foreigners from the 10 eastern European countries that joined the EU in 2004 have moved to Britain.

The total number of foreign nationals has risen by 3% to 4.9million last year, which  is 7.9% of our population. The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development released the detailed figures yesterday.

Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia and Slovenia joined the EU in 2004. Romania and Bulgaria followed in 2007.

But the report revealed Britain was not Europe’s top destination for migrant workers with four times as many EU workers moving to Germany than the UK.

Almost 30% of migrants moving under rules within the EU in 2012 went to Germany compared with just 7% coming to the UK the OECD said.

The findings come after Prime Minister David Cameron hinted he was ready for Britain to leave the EU if he was refused demands on curbing immigration.

He set out plans to ban EU migrants from claiming welfare for the first four years after arriving in the UK and deport those who do not find jobs within six months.

Steven Woolfe MEP, Ukip’s migration spokesman, said the number of eastern European migrants was “staggering”.

He added: “Ukip has never blamed people from wanting to migrate to the UK.

“The scale of migration from Eastern Europe since 2004 has been too much in such a short space of time.

“Mass immigration at this level is not sustainable.”

At the rate we are going our whole society, at some point, is going to break down. What have we got to halt the decline, our industry and industrial base has gone – the mechanism for recovery is simply not there.

EU Migrants Claiming Welfare Benefits

An article in the Daily Express has noted that the number of Europeans claiming benefits in the UK has more than doubled over the past decade  – at a cost of hundreds of million pounds.

Fewer than 50,000 EU claimants in 2003 were relying on British state benefits – but that figure rocketed last year to 121,000, according to government data.

If all migrant claimants were on the minimum handout of £56.80 a week, the cost to hard working taxpayers would be £357 million a year.

But the true figure will be much higher when extras – such as housing and child benefits, disability and carers’ allowances plus tax credits – are taken into account,

These statistics are released after campaigners warned that 50,000 EU migrants will flood into the UK over the next five years.

The revelations about the unwanted EU burden on Britain’s already overstretched welfare state has provoked outrage 


Ukip’sTim Aker said” These shocking numbers expose what happens when the Government  irresposibly opens the door unconditionally topeople from from the whole  of eastern Europe who come from much poorer countries.

“We must have a firm but fair immigration policy that welcomes those who come here to pay in before they take out and not those who take out more than they put into the tax pot.

“Under Ukip, new migrants would have to to be able to support themselves for five years before they could claim benefits.”

Jack Hart of the Freedom Association, said “While the Government had worked hard to reduce the country’s overall welfare bill, it’s hand are tied when it comes to tackling the large sums that are claimed by EU migrants

” The only way the UK can really continue to reduce the welfare bill is to regain control over its own immigration policies and control the number of EU migrants who arrive and are entitled to claim welfare benefits.” The latest figures are contained in the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) statistics.

Of the 49,970 EU citizens  living on state handouts in Britain in 2003, just 3,890 were from new member states.

By 2013, the total number of Europeans being supported by the British taxpayer was 121,000. ButsJuzeBsJuzerussels’ policy of expansion meant those countries from eastern European accession countries rocketed to 58,950.

The largest group of EU claimants in the UK last year was the army of 26,500 unemployed Poles – an increase on the 1,300 signing on 10 years previously.

The second biggest growth was seen among Portuguese  registered for benefits, which more than doubled in a decade from 5,700 to 12,400.

Slovakians on the dole shot up from just 100 a decade ago to 8,000 last year and there was also a massive hike in Lithuanians from a mere 300 to 6,500

Among others in Britain without a job were 6,800 Dutch, 6,400 French, 6,300 Italians and 5,500 Czechs.

A DWP spokesman said “We have brought in reforms to ensure we have a fair system – one which provides support for genuine workers and jobseekers but does not allow people to come to our country and take advantage of our benefit system.”

This state of affairs is unsubstainable and if the EU is for us this situation certainly is not!!!!!.